About me

Hello everyone


My crazy beautiful  family 

You never really know what to write when it’s about you, but I’ll do my best.

My name is Claire and I’m a mom of four children and two stepchildren. I love my job as a mom and love being such a family orientated person.

I’ve also recently just got married to the man of my dreams Craig On the 25th may. he’s an amazing dad and stepdad to my children .

The reason I’ve decided to start blogging is because of my cancer journey

When you deal with something like cancer you find its hard to be open and to express how you feel, so by doing this and showing people my every day life and what things I get up to, hopefully it gives an insight to other people of how cancer  can affect a person day to today.

I love fashion, beautiy tips, and going out. 

Keep an eye on on my posts. I will be posting many thoughts on what’s out there today.