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Yet It Starts Again!!!

So it’s starting again #fuckyoucancer

So I had my head MRI scan done last Wednesday and on Friday I got a phone call (the no caller ID call) yes that’s the one, the one when you know it won’t be good !!!!

Why do they do that????

Anyway, I was told one of my tumours is growing again in my brain !!!

So obviously I got really upset 😢 and angry 😡 at the world and everything. But I’m getting so used to the bad news which is so sad and no one should have to get used to bad news Ever!!!! That I wasn’t as bad as I was all the previous times.

So the plan is my scans will go to the hospital in London tomorrow and they will get checked over and discussed what the plan will be. Either surgery or the gamma knife surgery again like I had last time.

One thing I will say going through all this, is it makes you very aware of your body, Maybe to in-tune with your body, because if something doesn’t seem right I panic straight away, knowing it could be something else. I definitely need a copy strategy for hospital visits and treatment. Can anyone recommend anything??

Having the treatment or going for scans I’m absolutely fine with, it seems to really affect me from the build-up, like waiting in the waiting room, or having to stay in the MRI machine for 1 and a half hours and not be able to just leave. I think the main cause is not going through with whatever I’m going through but the end result/outcome of it all which is constantly on my mind 24/7

Does this affect anyone else????

If so does anyone have any good coping strategies???? Please comment any of you do!!!

So for the past week 4 days I’ve been deflated again, but I’m not letting the big C get the best of me or consume my day!!!

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Cancer sucks !!!

A memory !!

Soo I woke up today and saw my timeline memories on Facebook. I realised it’s been two years since I had my lumpectomy and lymph nodes surgery.

It’s crazy, when I look back I remember how I felt at that time. I felt in despair, I felt I was going to die, and in a panic.

In this picture I had just got home a day after my operation, I had to wear those lovely socks for three days !!!

As time goes on it makes you realise to relax a little bit about the situation. Nothing will happen in a instant but over time !!

Since this picture I have had a whole set of chemotherapy treatment, and her2 drugs,

I have to have full body MRI every 3 months to keep an eye on my progression. I have been treated for three brain tumours, and now have Head MRI’s every 4 months.

I’ve been diagnosed with bone cancer as well and I’m still fighting 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

I’m currently on a treatment called katcyler and it has its horrible side effects.

This picture below is me when I was preparing for my gamma knife surgery!!

It looks worse than it feels !!

I had to have the support brace put on when I had my treatment for my brain tumours. The is called Gammer knife radiotherapy surgery.

This was me a week after the surgery 👍🏻👍🏻

At the Ideal Christmas home show !!

I guess what I’m trying to say today is no matter how much you go through, pick your self up, dust it off and carry on. You have each day to live for and enjoy each minute of it.

There’s soo many, too many people going through the same thing I hope one day there’s a cure !!

Sign up for race for life !!!

I’m supporting race for life this year and walking it with my husband, friends and children, I hope who ever reads this will sign up and join us to raise money for cancer, we will be walking on the 7th July at stockwood park, Luton. Feel free to join us 👍🏻

Click the link to sign up

Race for life

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How to put your own touch to your wedding!!!

Good evening, so I just wanted to share with you what I did for my wedding regarding stationary, props and decorations.

    My wedding invitations

I had to really look around to find something I could make because I wanted to give it a personal touch it so easy to just order your invites nowadays I didn’t want to do that. I wanted them to come from the heart.

So I searched everywhere and found this on Pinterest

You can either click on the Pinterest above and find it or click the link below👇

Also here is the link to the video on how to make them. There is a variety of different types of invites to choose from, on this site.

I also wanted to make some flower pieces for our top table, so I brought all of the items in this picture from The range they looked stunning. I paid roughly to make one £35

The bird cages were from B&m stores £10 each

Our present/card table

  1. Card box – from Esty
  2. Love sign – from The range
  3. Flowers in vase and mirror – from The range
  4. Man and woman ornament – from The range
  5. Message in a bottle sign – from Ebay
  6. The Instagram sign – from The range

As you can see I brought a lot of my props from the range, they have a huge variety of wedding bits and the prices affordable.

Instead of a wedding guest book, I wanted to do something different, so I thought of this idea.

I thought a message in a bottle was great so I made three bottle signs with 1 year / 3 years/ and 5 years, so on each wedding anniversary, we will break the glass and read the messages from our loved one.

I thought it was. A great way to remember our wedding day and are- live it. x

The wine holder was brought from eBay

Here is something similar Wine rack from eBay

Some more inspiration for you all is the step ladders they were made up of my newly husband and I and I wanted to honour my dad as he could be at our wedding as he has passed.

All items again brought from the range.

The sign was brought from eBay.

Welcome banner!!!

Table plan!!!!

Both brought from Babyobadi online

They are also on Facebook!!

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Miss tansley to Mrs Scanlon

  • After all the stress 18months of wedding organising, I finally got married.

It was such an amazing day, from start to finish.

The venue we choose was Horwood estate in Milton Keynes. Horwood house

It was such a beautiful venue. The staff was amazing, so we close to make a full weekend of it.

It was the first venue we looked at and we knew straight away it was the one. I would definitely recommend this venue as it comes with great packages, which includes the cake, DJ, draping, centrepieces, and flowers.

If your looking for some inspiration here’s links to all our suppliers we used.

  1. The flowers – – The flower company in Bletchley Milton Keynes

2. The cake – Bakerman in Harlington

I had two dresses for my wedding, which I’m now so glad I did. It was so hot, (I think May is a great month to get married) that I changed into a more relaxed flowing dress for the afternoon evening. I got married in the big princess dress and felt a million pounds.

3. Princess dress- more Lee from Ivory and lace


4. My 2nd dress from Web 2 be Milton Keynes

To leave it for today I will finally post a beautiful picture of my children, they were so well behaved on the wedding day and the venue was very family oriented and they didn’t mind the children enjoying themselves.



I will blog again this week all the decorations I made and where I brought them from for inspiration for any couple who likes how we did our wedding.

So that’s my first ever blogging post and I really do hope it had help any bride or groom out there for inspiration for your wedding.

If you live in the area please visit the venue, it really is worth it.

feel free to comment xx