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Oncologist messing up!!!!

My frustration with my treatment

Where do I start?

A month ago I was told my brain tumour had grown, my oncologist told me he wanted me to have full head radiotherapy, so we had a testament plan, I singed the papers to start full head radiotherapy and then planned chemo tablets for after for my bones.!

I then went and had all my scans at mount vernon hospital, and was waiting to start Radiotherapy. Then I got another phone call saying they wanted to change my treatment to Gamma knife radiotherapy and was putting it in plan that week.

After 4 long weeks I finally got another phone call saying the tumour has grown more and they decided to go back to the original plan!!!!! 😡😡

Can you imagine The frustration !!!! I was so mad!!!! I could have had the treatment a month ago and they messed me about because they could not make there mind up.

Now I have finally started my full head radiotherapy, but because my tumour has grown i also have to start chemotherapy again after to try and control the bone cancer. 🥵

My first radiopharaphy session !!!

It wasn’t as bad as I expected, the mask is uncomfortable a bit but luckily it’s over in 15mins !!!

On route to my first session !!
My first radiotherapy session !!
The mask is pinned to the bed !

As you can see your fixed to the bed with pins so you can’t move, it’s so they target the same areas each time.

I’ve currently had three sessions and on my fourth today. My doctor has requested 10 sessions, then they will review it after to see if I need more. Hopeful I won’t 🤞🏻


I'm a very proud mother of four children and two stepchildren. A wife and new to blogging.

9 thoughts on “Oncologist messing up!!!!

  1. That’s such an awful thing for them to put you through when your already dealing with enough , a strong and courageous lady keep that head up babe , routing for some good news coming your way 💖💖 xxx


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