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Lilly Braving The Shave Charity Event!!!!

Last Saturday was a massive success, we got in the papers, on BBC three counties Radio station and got the word out about what we want to achieve.

We held a great charity event for a great cause x

Thank you so much Lilly for you bravery xx 💋

I was so nervous for my daughter but it didn’t faze her one bit.

She was such a star on the radio. I couldn’t believe how grown up she was. X feel free to listen 👇

Lilly’s charity event

Outside BBC Three counties Radio station !
Telling our story x

Not only that we got in the paper x

Dunstable gazer

Me and my beautiful daughter

So the actual event went so well, there was a huge crowd for Lilly to shave her hair and it was such a success.

We have people still donating on the go fund me page which is amazing, our aim is to keep the page open until the end of November whilst we collect all Lilly’s sponsor’s in and then tally up how much we have raised for the Luton and Dunstable hospital.

So far we have totalled £4,000 and hoping to hit 5k 🤞🏻

We want to thank every one who has helped us get to this point in raising so much. Now so many people will be able to have a well deserved break from cancer !!


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