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My cancer journey update !!


the past month has been crazy!!! My last blog was all about doing a bucket list and sticking to it. Well that hasn’t even been a possibility at all yet!!

So where to start is the thing!!!

    Three weeks ago we had a treatment plan, I was happy because for the first time I felt there was some sort of structure with my cancer treatment. I found out my brain tumour had grown to now 2cm – 2.5cm so my Dr decided to put me back on a chemo drug, I had a drug called kacitabine which consists of 5 tablets twice a day, plus I was still going for my herceptin drug intravenously every three weeks. Two days into the tablets they were cause me chest pains and such a sore throat.
  • I was asked to stop abs start them over 4times to see if it was a reaction to the tablets!!! ( of course it was) after a two week period of stopping and starting I had enough.
  • Next plan!!!

    So I Revisited the doctors again and he changed my plan again!!!

    A new tablet, this time only one a week and herceptin jab in the leg. Less time at hospital and less drugs, I felt good.

    That soon changed!!!

    Just a few days later I started to feel unwell, I couldn’t sleep on my head at night, if I layed on the pillow I would wake up with terrible heads aches, so bad that my sight was blurry when I woke up and had server migraines.

    I was taking pain killers throughout the day, through the night, it just wouldn’t budge.

    Then I started to get pressure head, the only way I can describe the feeling is I would stand up after sitting and it was like a start of a head rush, then it would travel to my ears and the only way I can describe that is the feeling of driving 70mph with a window open in your car, the throbbing sound not being able to hear well, then it would travel to my eyes like bad sinuses and throb and eventually ease off!!!

    That kept happening everytime I got up, or sat down to quick, even to the point of not moving anymore!!!


    It got to the point that on Friday last week I couldnt take anymore!!! I knew something wasn’t right. I decided to go hospital and get checked over!!

    They did an mri head scan and a mri spinal scan. During that week I lost function to my left foot so the doctors wanted to check my spine as well.

    After the results they have put me on a high dose of steroids as the tumour has grown more which had a lot of swelling all on my right side of my brain causing all these symptoms!!!

    If it doesn’t rain it pours!!!

    Waiting for the call!!!

    All day yesterday I was waiting for a call from my oncologist, it got to 5.30pm and I thought again there not gonna call!!! I was waiting on a discussion from Queens court London hospital what they think the best treatment to have will be.

    Finally they rang about 7pm and after looking at the scans they have decided to go ahead with hammer knife radiotherapy surgery!!!

    Gamner knife Radiopharapy Surgery

    It’s a great type of radiotherapy that targets the exact area of the tumour without affecting other parts of the brain.

    I’ve had gamer knife before and the first time felt scary!! Mainly because of the brace they bolt into your skull but it sounds worse than what it is!!

    This is what I’ll be going through again next week!!

    Straight after having the brace fitted!!

    How Gammer knife works!!

    So that’s my update for the past month!!! It’s been hard getting to write anything because of how the tumour is effecting my mind, concentration and everyday tasks!! But I will be posting my next treatment journey for you all to follow!!! Even though no matter what I’m going through there are so many in the same predicament, I’m just grateful there are still options for me.


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