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Have you made a Bucket list ?Exploring British heritage first stop Stonehenge !!!

So yesterday I and my husband have decided to explore hopefully many of the great British heritage places around the UK.

I have decided to start a bucket list and could decide what I what to put on it because I have what I want which is my wonderful family. So I thought about anything that I’m intrigued with and just things to do that’s isn’t soo costly as well. Most people put things on their bucket list that aren’t achievable and are unrealistic to achieve. I know that’s the point so you can push to do the things you wouldn’t but mine is different as I want to actually just be able to do different things with my family and husband because of my diagnosis.

So my bucket list so far is

  • Visits Stonehenge and many historic sites
  • Weekend in Barry and visit all the filming sites of Gavin and Stacey. (One of my favourite sitcoms.)
  • Family holiday abroad
  • Visit Rome
  • Try and do something once a week which is scary or achieve something.

It’s working progress!!!

Back to our visit to Stonehenge. The drive wasn’t too bad, it took it’s two hours to get there. We’re glad we had tickets as if you didn’t buy a ticket you can’t really get that up close to the stones.

I want to say thank you to my brother Colin who brought us the tickets the day before. If your wondering you can pay when you get there also but it’s a bit more expensive.

Our tickets were bought online. Here is the link in which you can purchase them.

Stonehenge ticket office

You don’t realise how big they actually are until your up close to them and the history of them is just amazing.

It took about 2-3 hours expiring Stonehenge and we then still had time to waste so we decide to drive another hour to sunny Bournemouth.

Lucky for us it was a beautiful day and it was lovely.

Photos of our day, all photos haven’t been zoomed in at all, this is how far you can get to the stones !

Sunny Bournemouth!!!

Our next visit will be to Barry island but we might get to visit another heritage site before then as the children have split up for there school holiday.

It’s so hard now to find some good things to do in the summer holiday, so we are on a mission to try.

Anyone have any good days out that they can recommend, please use the comment to recommend for people.

Hope you all enjoy your summer holidays with your children. And one thing I love about summer holidays is the traffic on the read is soo much less congested it’s great !!

Happy summer holidays to you all !!!
Enjoy making happy memories with your children. I know I will. Xx


I'm a very proud mother of four children and two stepchildren. A wife and new to blogging.

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