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F**k you Cancer !!!

Missing our wedding already !!! 😡

I can’t believe it’s already been 1 month since I became Mrs Scanlon.

All my friends and family telling me to make sure I take it all in because it will be over in a blink of an eye and I was. But I did listen to them and I love that I remember so many fantastic things about that day.

One thing I’m not enjoying is changing everything over to my surname !! WTF it takes soo long. I’ve only done two things.

One thing I’m so happy about is our wedding video. It’s so beautiful and I couldn’t be happier.

It captured all those memories. X

Big C Update!

I wanted to touch on an update on my diagnosis. So after the wedding a week later I went for an MRI scan and yes the Brain tumour has grown Again!!!!

So currently I’m waiting for my doctor to let me know what will be the next step!!

I was supposed to get a call last Friday as they had a meeting at queens court London but haven’t heard anything.

Two things I’ve noticed about cancer docs and giving news!!! They always tell you the news on a friday, so you end up having a total utter shit weekend!!!!

Then seem to take ages to let you know what’s going on at times!!!! What the hell!!!!

anyway, at least I was told the okay to still have my chemo treatment. So friday i had my treatment again.

My second home

An update on the cancer part of my life will be posted soon as I know.

So the past two weeks I’ve been super busy.

I wanted to touch on the fact my beautiful caught Lilly is shaving all her hair off in support of people going through chemo at our local chemo ward.

Lilly has been growing her haor for a whole year to brave the shave xxx

to raise as much money she can to give them something they could appreciate, by hopefully raising enough to be able to get vouchers/days out/week end So they can spend quality time with there loved ones. Going through it myself I know that’s what counts when you feel like it’s constant appointments, treatment, scans and more.

So Please help my daughter to reach her goal and donate below.

Lilly’s fundraiser event

We also will be putting on a fundraiser event which takes place at Dunstablians Rugby Club on the 25th August 2019

There will be a car boot in the morning, pitch fees and all derails are below

There will be a fundraiser evening held at the rugby club as well, details of the event to follow soon.

Please feel free and we encourage you to do your own some sort of little sponsor or coffee morning events to support Lilly to help raise as much as we can.

I’m such a proud mummy and I hope you all can make it xxxxx


I'm a very proud mother of four children and two stepchildren. A wife and new to blogging.

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