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Yet It Starts Again!!!

So it’s starting again #fuckyoucancer

So I had my head MRI scan done last Wednesday and on Friday I got a phone call (the no caller ID call) yes that’s the one, the one when you know it won’t be good !!!!

Why do they do that????

Anyway, I was told one of my tumours is growing again in my brain !!!

So obviously I got really upset 😢 and angry 😡 at the world and everything. But I’m getting so used to the bad news which is so sad and no one should have to get used to bad news Ever!!!! That I wasn’t as bad as I was all the previous times.

So the plan is my scans will go to the hospital in London tomorrow and they will get checked over and discussed what the plan will be. Either surgery or the gamma knife surgery again like I had last time.

One thing I will say going through all this, is it makes you very aware of your body, Maybe to in-tune with your body, because if something doesn’t seem right I panic straight away, knowing it could be something else. I definitely need a copy strategy for hospital visits and treatment. Can anyone recommend anything??

Having the treatment or going for scans I’m absolutely fine with, it seems to really affect me from the build-up, like waiting in the waiting room, or having to stay in the MRI machine for 1 and a half hours and not be able to just leave. I think the main cause is not going through with whatever I’m going through but the end result/outcome of it all which is constantly on my mind 24/7

Does this affect anyone else????

If so does anyone have any good coping strategies???? Please comment any of you do!!!

So for the past week 4 days I’ve been deflated again, but I’m not letting the big C get the best of me or consume my day!!!


I'm a very proud mother of four children and two stepchildren. A wife and new to blogging.

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